Cloud Solutions

Cloud proposition

The Cloud, is still something which we find is misunderstood by many businesses; big and small. At CNi Solutions, we work with our clients to guide them through the process of incorporating the cloud in to their business proposition and that of their everyday workflow.

But how does the cloud complement your current computer infrastructure; or indeed, how could it replace it? The cloud is becoming more and more mainstream in everyday business and social life and can offer some fantastic benefits to your business, in a number of ways. Imagine the ability to access your emails, documents, pictures and Files anywhere in the World, through any device with an internet connection and browser; that is the power of the cloud.

There are several important considerations however, that need to be considered, such as the connection speeds at the office, or main place of work; the type of business undertaken, as well as the continuity and disaster recovery policies of the organization.

But that isn’t the end of the story, we are also able to offer a hybrid system, where you can look to have the majority of your data held local, at your office, and perhaps your key documents, such as disaster recover, held on your cloud proposition; or indeed your emails, through a Microsoft 365 account. The solutions really are endless, and CNi Solutions are here to guide you ever step of the way.

Cloud Security

Obviously, a key part of embracing the Cloud, is ensuring that the data held within it is secure and that both you and your clients have peace of mind in using this platform.

Cloud security refers to a diverse set policies (internal and external), certain technologies and controls that are deployed to protect data, applications, and associated infrastructure of a business’s cloud proposition and infrastructure. But what does this actually mean?

Broadly speaking, there are two specific aspects to consider through Cloud Security, what CNi Solutions would refer to as; the security issues faced by Cloud Providers, the infrastructure-as-a-service provider, and, the Security issues faced by cloud users (Our customers), those businesses and individuals who are physically storing data and applications on the cloud provider’s infrastructure.

The provider must ensure that their infrastructure is secure and that their clients’ data and applications are protected, while the user must take measures to fortify their application and use strong passwords and authentication measures.