Cyber Security

What does Cyber Security mean to me?

So, you have seen ‘Cyber Security’ in the press, discussed it at Networking events and even while sat at home with a glass of wine; but what does it actually mean for you and your business? Cyber Security has been known by several names, Computer Security, IT Security and Virus Protection, to name a few. We have seen a number of powerful examples in the last few years, impacting the business community, such as the recent Ransomware virus, WannaCry.

By working with CNi Solutions, you can be assured that your infrastructure is secure and that current security patches are up to date, and appropriate protection is employed, to offer you the greatest security.

Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning

We also ensure an effective disaster recovery and contingency plan is in play to ensure that any eventuality will have the minimum of disruption upon your business; such aspects include; active and regular offsite backup, regular updated system patches and even replacement hardware, where required.

All of which, when combined, provide you with a robust, cost efficient, IT infrastructure for years to come.