Financing Your Technology

Finance Options

At CNi Solutions, we have developed a partnership network of providers who are able to provide the most competitive rates in the marketing place, for financing of your IT Infrastructure.

Our main method of finance for our clients, is in the form of Leasing, which allows clients to control their CAPEX requirements, while matching payments to cashflow.

Please note: We always advise clients to seek independent financial and tax advice in regards to their individual funding requirements.

All lease payments made under lease agreements are fully tax deductible: through leasing rather than purchasing assets, you can offset the full amount (100%) of each years lease rental payments against corporation tax, instead of an annual tax allowance of only 25% on the capital value of the equipment which depreciates each year.

There is no delay, between the need of wanting the equipment and the payment of it. The lease payments match the benefit of using the equipment. A main benefit of leasing is that you can spread the cost of the equipment over the period of its benefit, it’s working life. As the rentals are based on the cost of the equipment at today’s prices and paid from tomorrow’s income, they can also represent a safeguard against inflation, under Net Present Values.

Another key benefit to a leasing proposition, is that it offers your business the ability to easily upgrade your equipment at the end of the lease term, to maintain pace with constantly improving technology.

Using leasing as another line of credit allows working capital to be released for other projects and hence, the opportunity cost of choosing to invest in your IT infrastructure, over other areas of the business, falls away.