Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

Why we are passionate about CSR

CNi Solutions is built on the Value of Ethics.

Corporate social responsibility, often abbreviated “CSR,” is a corporation’s initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social wellbeing.

CNi Solutions are a strong believer in being ethical and supporting those in need. We feel that it is of vital importance to do the right thing and set an example for other businesses to follow. Helping the community by getting involved in local projects and green initiatives brings us great satisfaction and this page is dedicated to those we support as part of this example we wish to lead.

CNi Solutions place our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) often at the heart of a lot of the events and initiatives that we support as a business and a team. The team regularly take part in fundraising initiatives and charity events, such as football tournaments, sponsored running events and even ‘Fire Walks’ to raise money for the charities that we support.

Kidscan Children's Cancer Research

Kidscan Children’s Cancer Research was established in 2002 to specifically support research into new and improved treatments for children with cancer. Kidscan was the first charity of its kind.

1 in 500 children in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer before they are 14 years old. Tragically, 25% of these kids will not make it to their 30th birthday.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in children in the UK. Through groundbreaking research, Kidscan is striving to change that, giving every child with cancer the treatment they need to survive.

By funding research into drug treatments and support programmes designed with the kids in mind, we are reducing both short and long-term side effects of cancer in childhood. Our scientists are developing treatments which are less damaging to the bodies of children and young adults while retaining the effectiveness of many current treatments.

Martin Keelagher, a Director of our business CNi Solutions, is also a Trustee and board member of the Charity.

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