TS Hope Accountants

Client: TS Hope Accountants

Project: Small Business IT Support Package

T S Hope Accountants signs up to CNi Solutions Small Business Package for peace of mind and added value.

Having suffered a loss in internet connection during a lightning strike Tim Hope owner of T S Hope accountants in Edenfield realised how vulnerable he could potentially be. Most things that accountants do now are submitted online to the HMRC for returns, Self-Assessments, Real Time payroll etc.

It took a week to get a new router sent out from his service provider. Fortunately it wasn’t at a particularly crucial time and managed to get through the week. Having dealt with CNi Solutions a few times he decided it might be worth having a support package in place.

The service that persuaded him was the offer of a replacement router to be loaned if his existing one were ever to fail again. This would be provided immediately and configured to work. As well as this included in the contract price is an antivirus subscription for all users and offsite backup up to 25gb per user, but can be increased.

At the price that the contract was pitched at and all the added value this was an easy decision to then make to go ahead. An extra incentive was offered of a 10% reduction if the 12 months fee was paid all in one go rather than monthly. Still a rolling month contract though.

If you are interested in our Small Business Package then please take a look at www.cnisolutions.co.uk/news/index.php/sbs and our services page, then get in touch info@cnisolutions.co.uk or 01617612604