Walford Cunningham and Hayes



Sector: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Advisory Service, Investments, advisors, Non-Executive Directors.

Project: To upgrade Walford Cunningham and Hayes’ current IT infrastructure and supply IT Support.

Walford Cunningham & Hayes was founded in 2012 as a uniquely positioned Venture Capital (Institutional Angel Investor) and Advisory business, designed to specialise within Start-up entities and Small Medium Enterprises’ (SMEs), catering for the unique demands of companies within this segment.

When we first began working with Walford Cunningham and Hayes, they were operating across several different platforms, driven by incorporating each of the portfolio businesses infrastructures, adapting each.

We sat down with the team and underlying businesses, to understand their requirements, to standardise the IT infrastructure across the platforms and enabling the teams to work more efficiently between each other. This entailed regulating Microsoft Office 365 across the users, with an individual SharePoint for each business, with shared file saving across the companies, where required. This was coupled with offsite backup solutions, to ensure that data was secured across the group.

At the same time, we updated and amended the disaster recovery and continuity plans across the group, to ensure that these were relevant and fit for purpose, in line with current requirements, these also included inter-site dependability and continuity of infrastructure.