Z & F Laser UK

  • Client: Z & F Laser UK, Trafford Park, United Kingdom
  • Project: Cloud-based and In-house server replacement

Our client required a replacement of a virtual, hosted “in the cloud” server solution, coupled with an in house server.

Z & F Laser is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high quality electronic control equipment. The firm continues to remain one of the most innovative within its market space and has developed an optical laser scanning system which could be used by engineers and architects to scan, photograph and measure an area in 3D, to millimeter accuracy in a matter of minutes. This new technology has many industrial applications, involving use in a variety of architectural and engineering disciplines. They continue to develop their product range and expand in to new markets, with innovative and unique solutions.

Z & F where looking to simplify the use of their computer system for their users. Finding it confusing to have two desktop, the local one and the Citrix remote desktop, it was decided an in house server should be purchased and all data transferred across from the cloud.

The hosted system consisted of 4 virtual servers, SBS 2011, Server 2008 for Citrix/remote desktop, Server 2008 for SQL and a Linux server for MySQL. CNi Solutions consolidated this to one server, to provide cost efficiency and robustness of the service.

The Citrix server was no longer required as the Citrix remote desktop was no longer going to be used. A sharepoint intranet website that used SQL was no longer going to be required either so the SQL server and Linux server were no longer needed.

A single SBS 2011 server was built and configured to create a comparable network to the existing hosted virtual server network.

The Internet connectivity at the customer’s site, the band width, was not ideally suited to allow for a complete Virtual Private Hosting solution, which was another reason for moving away from using a hosted system but it was a high grade line with a static IP address. VPN access was enabled as this was the only type of remote access now needed.

Each desktop which was previously just in a workgroup was joined to the new domain and updated to the latest version of Windows and Office, with emails now being directed into the local Microsoft Exchange server account- this also allowed for efficient use of emails over several devices, synchronising between them all seamlessly.

The support from the company that was hosting the servers wasn’t very good, which was another reason for moving away from them, to an in-house proposition. They were looking for more of a personable relationship and more timely responses to problems and queries that they might have, a belief on which CNi Solutions has been built!

At CNi Solutions we give out the mobile numbers of the engineers that support our clients systems so that they can get straight through to them and get a response, they know they are dealing with the same person who knows their system well. Rather than using a ticketing system or a call centre to distribute the query to the first available person.