IT Consultancy Services

The value of correct advice on day one

At CNi Solutions we understand that businesses face a range of different challenges, from having to work in an ever more competitive and complex market sectors, to re-evaluating costs and Return on Investment (ROI). Throughout there is the constant need to generate long-term, sustainable growth and scalability in the businesses processes, their IT infrastructure is a key consideration.

Our IT consultants can provide you with an unbiased view, using our skills and knowledge across all IT-based solutions and advise you on the best improvements and designs available, to not only meet your needs now but in the years to come. Ensuring your IT function longevity and that it fulfils your evolving IT needs, while still managing risk, rationalising costs and creating value for your business.

We have advised on some projects to date, across the North West and Manchester area, such as the replacement of an existing IT infrastructure, through to a client’s Disaster Recovery policies. For more information, please see these sections of the website.

We are also able to advise in key areas of financial investments, in regards to a prospective business’ IT infrastructure.

Our aim is simple – to enable our clients to have the IT infrastructure to achieve their full potential now and in the future.