Maintaining your IT

Supporting your business' IT

At CNi Solutions we believe that your Computer Network Infrastructure (CNi) should be at the very heart of your business, but that it should not dictate the beat. CNi Solutions specialise in supporting you and allowing you to focus on what is important, developing and growing your business, without the interruptions of an unsupported IT Infrastructure.

Our team at CNi Solutions has over 40 years’ IT experience with a proven track record of success, supporting small and medium-sized businesses across the United Kingdom, specialising in acting as a client’s outsourced IT department, or supplementing an existing IT function.

We believe in helping our customers to improve business performance by leveraging well-managed IT solutions, backed up by expert IT support services, providing solutions, leading to improved performances and efficiencies within the business.

We understand that your Computer Network Infrastructure needs to be tailored to suit your requirements, whether you are a start-up business, looking to make your first IT purchase, or a large company looking for daily support and guidance on your growing, IT demands. At CNi Solutions we can help you to create a highly efficient, integrated IT environment, that will help you maintain complexity, but at a cost-effective level, coupled with improved performance and protection of your existing assets.

Our aim at CNi Solutions is to create long-term partnerships with our clients, maintaining value for money solutions through a combination of high-quality support, embracing of state-of-the-art solutions, expert IT project delivery and strategic advice.

IT support outsourcing

We believe that modern business is built with the aid of a robust, fit for purpose and well support IT platform. Regardless of the size of your business, there are not many of us who could survive without IT in our businesses; or lives for that matter, be it receiving emails on our portable devices, through to writing quotations, new business development and billing clients through an effective accountancy packages.

At CNi Solutions we help you to create a highly efficient, integrated IT environment that will help you maintain complexity, but at a cost-effective level, coupled with improved performance and protection of your existing assets across single or multiple sites.

The team at CNi Solutions have developed a dedicated maintenance support proposition to provide the required level of assistance to you and your business, designed to create a highly efficient, integrated IT environment. An overview of our standard maintenance packages can be seen in this section of our website.

Our support packages have been carefully designed to ensure that your business’ IT infrastructure is maintained, per your requirements. From our Bronze, entry-level package, through to Silver and our premium Gold proposition, each is designed to provide the appropriate level of support for your requirements, on a cost-effective, quality assured level. For our clients who might require something outside of these packages, we also offer a bespoke proposition, which can be tailored to your exact needs.

The team at CNi Solutions are experienced in the identification, prioritisation and resolving issues across the whole of an IT infrastructure. Our in-depth knowledge of software platforms, from multiple providers, ensures that our services are provided with the right level of technical enablement and are fit for purpose.

Leading businesses are creating a competitive advantage through practical yet valuable improvements to the way IT is managed throughout their business, and CNi Solutions are there to act as your partner in ensuring that this competitive advantage is maintained.

Does your system need upgrading? Is your hardware or software out of date?

Some long standing popular and stable Microsoft platforms have recently gone end of life. People are still unsure of what to do or direction to take with the emergence of the cloud solution and pricing structure.

Office 2003, Windows XP and Server 2003 Small Business Server are all end of life with Server 2003 standard approaching end of life next year. These are platforms that many businesses have stuck with and rely on as they have been incredibly stable. With the economic downturn coming at a time when new technologies were release by Microsoft a lot of people have remain with what they had.

There is now a real push and reason for companies to move on but are still not confident with what moneys are available within the business for upgrades and want to move on to something that is cost effective and reliable.

At CNi solutions we believe this is why there has been a great uptake in cloud technologies and that it works so well. It is a cost effective solution to keep you always up to date with hardly any maintenance involved. There are no large upfront costs or investments to be made and you can budget exactly what you will be paying for your IT services. Often an in house server isn’t required.

As long as you have a good connection to the internet this will undoubtedly work for you. We are clearly huge advocates of cloud technology but if it isn’t the right solution for you we will tell you and not force you to use something that isn’t right.

More traditionally we can set up on premise servers and migrate you from an older operating system to a new one on new hardware. Having done this many times we can avoid any periods of downtime even if you are a 24/7 operation.

We have financing options available if you wish to spread the cost over a period of time. Please visit the Finance section of our website.

Computer Repair

If your computer breaks, stops working or seems to develop a fault by constantly throwing an error up on screen or completely crashing with a "blue screen" of death we can help fix it for you.

On an ad-hoc basis or as part of your IT support package with us, CNi Solutions can help assess and repair faults with your computers, devices or servers. The labour element of repairing the problem is usually covered under contract with only the parts being charged for if they are out of warranty.

For example if the hard drive fails in your PC or server this can often be a very time consuming process of rebuilding the information on to a new hard drive. The cost of the drive is minimal but the hours it can take to get everything back in place is quite a lot and would add up if the labour element was charged for.

Sometimes 4 hours is needed, especially with a server and at £65 per hour this becomes a significant cost. When a contract is in place this not only saves you paying the labour element but as part of managing your network we help to avoid these things happening with preventative and proactive maintenance, maintaining your IT.

Trying to predict in advance that this kind of failure might be imminent and reacting beforehand not afterwards. Also it means we are very familiar with your set up which again helps speed up the recovery process.

Servers are then ensured to be backed up and the backup tested, again speeding up recovery. If we have installed the server then there is a good chance that we will have supplied you with a fault tolerant system which has scope for a drive failing and not even affecting the system as well as being monitored.