As every great leader knows, success comes that much easier when you’re surrounded by passionate, talented individuals. At CNi Solutions, we believe our team are the best, and without them, our successes would be limited.

That’s why we’re proud to shine a spotlight on them at every opportunity. This week, we’d like to welcome our latest recruit to the team. Say hello to Callum Timpany, CNi Solution’s newest IT Support Technician.

We sat down with Callum to find out more about his career aspirations, favourite tech and life outside the office:

How are you settling in during your first week?

I’m settling in quite well! Everyone has made me feel welcome. Now it’s just a case of learning about the company and about the companies we support.

That’s great! What drew you to CNi Solutions?

I saw an advert on a recruitment website and it immediately stood out to me. This role is essentially the job I’ve wanted to move into for quite a few months now, as my previous position was becoming a little stale (plus it’s 5 minutes from where I live so that’s a big bonus too!).

Tell us a bit about your background

From a young age, I’ve loved computers and technology, but it was at college I got to learn about them. I then took this knowledge over to university where I studied Computer Games Development to try something a bit more specialized. Although I really enjoyed the course, I did a placement in Yorkshire in an IT support role, and I really enjoyed it as there was a lot of user interaction, problem solving and technology all bundled into one.

 When I left university I landed a job at a mortgage brokers working as their sole IT support (also chief desk-builder haha). The job was enjoyable at first and I really liked the people there, however after nearly two years with the company without much changing – apart from an ever-increasing workload – I decided it wasn’t where I wanted to be, which is where CNi came in.

What are you excited to achieve whilst at CNi Solutions?

The main thing I want to achieve at CNi is to learn as much as possible and to train myself up in areas I don’t currently have much experience in (phone systems for example). I understand this will take time to accomplish but I feel it will be both beneficial for myself and for the company.

What’s your favourite piece of tech?

That’s a hard question! I love my PC but other bits of tech do impress me more. Virtual Reality (VR), for example, is something I am quite interested in from using it during my time at university (though I don’t have one of the beefier headsets, yet) and it’s something I’m keeping my eye on as it becomes more mainstream.

What are your hobbies outside of work/any other fun information about you?

One of my main hobbies is Snowboarding, I picked it up a few years back and have loved it ever since – I often go abroad a few times a year to different places solely just to do it. I’m also an avid motorbiker and often go for long cruises around the country to explore places I’ve never been before. Essentially, anything that gets the adrenaline going, I enjoy.

 Some fun information about me is I own a Bearded dragon called Flint, for such a small creature he sure makes a lot of mess and mayhem in my house. 

For those of you who haven’t yet met Callum, we hope you’ll give him a warm welcome! From the whole team at CNi Solutions, welcome aboard – we think you’ll be right at home.

To find out more about CNi Solutions’ IT support services, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, or you can explore our website for more information.