Disaster Recovery & Contingency Plans

Why is planning ahead important?

What would happen, if one day, you walked into your business and all of your IT equipment had gone? Along with all the information that that was stored on it? Client records, accounts, invoices, pictures, passwords, even emails, how would your business cope? How would you cope?

Unfortunately, this could be the reality that businesses find themselves in. Across any number of sectors causes can include natural disasters, perhaps your premises being flooded, the theft of your equipment, whatever the cause the result is the same severe disruption, cataclysmic, impacts upon your business, staff and management team.

At CNi Solutions, we can work with our clients to identify their needs, consider aspects such as the amount of data that is required to be backed up, the frequency of backup necessary and which option might work best for the client. For example; for some clients, online backup, such as a cloud proposition, can work very well, however, for those customers who might have larger data storage requirements, coupled with a reduced upload speed from their internet provider, then perhaps an alternative backup solution would be more applicable.

We also ensure that the data backup is not corrupt and run scenarios, whereby the backup is tested to ensure that it is fit for purpose when that day might well come that you need to rely on it.