Sophos Cyber Security Evolved

Cni Solutions and Sophos- Providing the next evolution in CyberSecurity

Cni Solutions are proud to be partnering with Sophos, to bring you the ultimate security package for your business, with Cyber Security products Sophos Intercept X and Sophos XG Firewall.

Sophos Intercept X and XG Firewall deliver proven protection, keeping your business safe from advanced threats including ransomware, exploits and cryptojacking.

The below portal, allows you access to all the latest news and products from our partners at Sophos.

What is Cyber security?

Cyber Security is the state or process of protecting and recovering networks, devices, and programs from any type of cyberattack.

Cyberattacks are an evolving danger to businesses, employees, and consumers, across any number of markets. They may be designed to access or destroy sensitive data or extort money, through a Ransomware attack. They can, in effect, destroy businesses and damage people’s financial and personal lives, without recourse.

What’s the best defense? The best defense is a strong offence. A strong cyber security strategy has multiple layers of protection spread across users, computers, networks, and programs. It is important to highlight that a strong cyber security system relies not only on an efficient cyber defense technology, but also on people making smart cyber defense choices every day.