We’ve already shared our retrospective on the technology which stole the spotlight in 2017, but what of next year? What can we expect to see taking centre stage in 2018?

We’ve scoured the opinions of experts, done our homework, and reflected on this year’s technological developments in order to predict what’s to come in the next twelve months.

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The Shadow of GDPR

 Despite our imminent exit from the EU, Britain still finds itself bowing to the whims of new legislation in the form of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Replacing the Data Protection act, GDPR will see uniform protection of information across all EU member states – undeterred by Brexit.

Launching in May 2018, GDPR will govern how businesses gather, store and protect individual data. This, of course, marks a huge change in how many businesses operate, including marketers, sales teams and even recruiters. As a result, 2017 was spent preparing owners and managers for the changes.

How much changes – and how many businesses find themselves facing the brunt of GDPR’s wrath – will only be observable once May comes and goes, but it’ll certainly be something to keep an eye on. If you’re not yet prepared for GDPR, be sure to contact us for advice.

 Self-driving Cars

 After years of hype, we’re moving one step closer towards the day when driverless cars make their way to British roads. The addition of these technological marvels to our everyday commute will certainly be a sight to see as we adapt as a nation. Finally passing its infancy, self-driving vehicles have the potential to show the internet of things in action, but will most certainly require some fine-tuning and bolstered security.

As we mentioned in our previous blogs, however, the industry most likely to be affected will be insurance, with new regulations and laws still waiting to be ironed out ahead of the driverless revolution. For insurers, this will certainly be a tech trend to watch out for. Meanwhile, self-driving lorry convoys will find themselves getting a road test in 2018, putting the wheels in motion to cause some huge disruption within the haulage industry.


 Despite finding a widespread audience among different industries and consumers, AI is still waiting for the breakthrough moment which will see it transform how we do things forever. With the government willing to invest heavily in the technology (as outlined in their industrial strategy), 2018 could be the year that breakthrough happens.

Given the evolution AI has overgone in the last few years, the timing certainly seems right – and with Brexit piling the pressure on, AI could be the country’s ticket to maintaining relevance in the global market.


Bitcoin – perhaps the most famous of the cryptocurrencies – is seemingly set to end 2017 on a high note, with its value swelling in recent weeks. If this continues, 2018 could see cryptocurrency ledger Blockchain become cement its popularity and become a widespread technology.

Already, Blockchain has made its presence known in areas such as payments, contracts, cloud storage, real estate and brokerage. As 2018 gets underway and Bitcoin continues to rise, we could see more industries adopting the technology in order to capitalise on its benefits for themselves.

A Year to Watch

 Obviously, anything could happen in 2018 – none or all of these trends could steal the spotlight by the time next December swings around. What we do know, however, is that the stage is set for some exciting technological developments over the next twelve months.

What those developments look like and the impact they’ll have on our professional and personal lives is a mystery for now, but we’re almost certain that 2018 will definitely end up being a year to remember – and we’re looking forward to it!

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