VOIP & Hosted Phone Systems

Through a select number of partners, we can provide and support a number of VOIP solutions for your business.

VOIP is one of the latest developments in telecoms technology; in the past, connectivity issues have resulted in a slow role out of the proposition, but with the advent of fibre broadband and high connectivity seeds and band width, VOIP is becoming the norm in the business world; offering flexibility and reduced costs.

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It primarily refers to making calls over the web, whereas traditional telephone calls are made over traditional copper cables, with some infrastructure being over 50 years old.

Lease Lines

Our clients typically use leased lines in CNi solutions, where there are a large number of users on requiring access to the internet, or there is a significant data required within the business. It can also be used as an additional disaster recovery enhancement, given that the line is dedicated to the businesses use.

Lease Lines are used to build up private networks, private telephone networks, to access the internet or a partner network (extranet; between two office locations).

We can provide a number of lease line options, to best meet the needs and wants of your organisation.